sexta-feira, 31 de julho de 2009

Armenian diaspora

The Armenian diaspora can not fall into oblivion, nor their agents may continue to shirk the responsibility they have in relation to it.

I urge the international community not to remain insensitive for this nonsense suffered by those people.

What is fair is fair, what is true is - simply - that: true. hide the truth or trying to change it means condemning the whole of humanity from ignorance and backwardness.

There are a lot of time working on a literacy project (historical novel) based on this atrocity and suffering borne by those fine people.

It's my way of not allowing the silence and not to feed the fake and let flourish for eternity injustice.

On occasion, I call on the Armenian people who send me reports for implementation of the project.

And to all who can contribute in some way financially to the project, please, do not remain missing, and thus condemn the future to repeat past mistakes.

Any contribution is welcome and, efficiently and effectively applied in the project.

To all, in advance, thank you.

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